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Bidders’ Manual for Online Bid submission

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Online Bidding

For online submission of Bid document along with Bid fee & EMD follow these simple steps:

This is all you need:
1.Regular Internet Connection
2.Adobe Acrobat 4.0 & above which is also available in the Site for free download.
3.Digital Certificate
4.ICICI Bank Account
1: See The Tender Notice Details Page:

Log on to website http://www.tendertimes.com through Internet Explorer and Go to the Tender Details page of the particular Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by clicking on the scope of the work as given in the front page.


And after that click on the Button, DOWNLOAD BID DOCUMENT to start the process of downloading the Bid Document

Tender Notice for Cownloading Document

3: Process Of Downloading

After clicking on the download link you can see a file download Dialog box as below, with options to either save the File in your computer/machine or Open online.

Process of downloading

4: Open the Bid Document & Fill In The Boxes/Templates

Now you need to open the downloaded .pdf document. If you have Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or above installed in your machine, open the downloaded .pdf document (Bid Document) through Internet Explorer from File-Open Menu. Alternately, if you have Windows 2000 version, you have to right click on the downloaded .pdf file(Bid Document) and select ‘Open with’ & then select ‘Internet Explorer’ from the menu & the Bid Document will open in the Internet Explorer and the Bid is now ready for your subsequent filling in and submission.Fill in necessary entries in the appropriate boxes/templates (with Grey colour background) provided in the document and subsequently enter your offer in the Price Schedule.


Opening of Bid Document and Form fill Up

5: Submit Your Bid

Please go to the last page of the tender document and click on the “SUBMIT” button. Before clicking on this link make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. (See Picture Below For Reference)

Bid Document Submission

6: Submit the Document

Now you need to sign the bid document digitally (Bidder must have a Digital Certificate for this) using Verisign PTA as shown below:

Digitally Sign the Bid Document

7 : Signature Verification

Your signature gets verified in this page. You may click on the ‘Payment’ button to pay the EMD & Bid Document cost through ICICI Bank. You have to finally COME BACK here in this page & Submit your Bid and Paste the Transaction Number as generated subsequently in the Transaction Complete Page.

First click on the "Click Here For Payment Gateway"

Copy Payment Reference Number

8 : Payment Option

The page below will allow the bidder to choose the Payment Option whether to pay though Credit Card or through ICICI Bank Account. After confirming the total amount to be paid, please click on your desired mode of payment to go to the next page.

Payment Through ICICI Bank

9: Enter your Credit Card / ICICI Account/Debit Card details

Fill in your relevant Credit Card /ICICI Account/ Debit Card details and the exact amount (EMD+Bid Document Fees) gets debited from your Credit Card/ICICI Account/Debit Card to the Tender Authority, as per Instructions in the NIT.

Credit Card Details

10: Pick Up Your Tracking / Reference number

  A random Tracking/Reference number is then generated for your use in the Bid Document. Please note down the Transaction Number appearing on your screen.


Reference no

11: Enter Tracking / Reference number & Submit Your Bid:

Go to the end of the Signature Verification Page as shown below once again and enter the Transaction Number against the field Payment Reference Number. It is very important that you copy the exact Transaction Number from the website and paste it in the template provided for the same.

After entering the Transaction Number, submit your offer by clicking on the “Submit Bid” button.



12: After Submitting you will get a page on your screen like the one given below:

This Page will show that your Bid Submission is successful.

Submission Complete

For further clarification please feel free to contact:

Soumen Choudhury
Ontrack Systems Limited.
Plot Y-18, EP-Block, Sector-V, Salt Lake,
Kolkata - 700 091,
Phones: (91-33) 91-33-2357 2555/56
Fax: (91-33) 2357 2564
Mobile: 9433537490

E-mail: soumen.choudhury@ontrackindia.com, onlinetender@tendertimes.com


Ontrack Systems Limited
A2/56, Hastsal Road
New Delhi - 110 059

E-mail: marketing@tendertimes.com

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