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tendertimes.com has over 5,00,000 visitors monthly, representing all sections of Indian and global business including Public Sector Undertakings and large corporates.
tendertimes.com is therefore your ideal vehicle to take your message across to your specifically targeted audience in India and worldwide.

Commercial Terms for Hosting of Tender Notice in Website

The Rate per Tender Notice for hosting in Website till Due Date:
Introductory offer of Rs.5000/-(US $ 115) only

      The rate includes the following services:

    • Tender Notices will be hosted in the website till closing date of the tender.

    • Any communication relating to the tender notice will be passed on to the Tender Authority.

    • In case the Tender Authorities have a web site, the URL address mentioned in the Notice will be hyper-linked, for interested visitors to go directly to the organization's website.

    • Bid Documents can be made available online for download by prospective bidders.

    • Summary of Tender Notice hosted at no additional cost.

    • Tender opening and post-tender Reports can be carried at no additional cost.

    • Global Tender Notices will also be translated from English to German, French, Italian and Portuguese languages and, hosted in the site at no additional cost.

Online Tendering

Technical Specification

  • An average Tender Notice occupies 12 to 15 KB space.

  • One Tender Notice can contain unlimited number of characters.

  • Standard Font used: Verdana of size 8 pt. to maximum number 10 pt.

  • Additional space available for hosting bid documents with no restriction on the number of pages or characters.

Terms and Conditions

  • Payments will be as per mutually agreed terms.

  • All payments to be made in favour of "Ontrack Systems Limited"

Banner Advertisements

Rate in Rupees/US $ Per banner

Sl. No. Name of Web-Page 15 days 30 days



















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Online Bid Documents

Data base Search

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 10,000/-(US $ 225)

Rs 50,000/-(US $ 1125)*

Rs 2,50,000/-(US $ 5625)*

Rs 2,50,000/-(US $ 5625)*

Rs 4,000/- (US $ 95)

Rs 4,000/-(US $ 95)

Rs 4500/-(US $ 100)

Rs 5,000/-(US $ 110)

Rs 15,000/-(US $ 330)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 19,000/-(US $ 445)

Rs 99,000/-(US $ 2245)

Rs 5,00,000/-(US $ 11,350)

Rs 5,50,000/-(US $11,350)

Rs 7750/-(US $ 185)

Rs 7750/-(US $185)

Rs 8750 /-(US $195)

Rs 9500/-(US $ 220)

Rs 29,000/-(US $ 655)

* The rates are for the Total Number of pages.

      The above rates include the following services:

  • The banner message can be hyper-linked to the Advertiser’s Website, and interested visitors transported to Advertisers’ Website.

  • Communication / Queries received in connection with Advertisement will be passed on to the Advertiser.

      Terms & Conditions:

  • All attempts will be made to carry the Advertisements uninterrupted during the period of Contract. Failure to complete the contractual obligation, due to external factors, beyond the scope of our control, will be adjusted in the number of days.

  • Terms of Payment: 100% along with Release Order.

  • All payments to be made by Cheques / DD in favour of "Ontrack Systems Limited" payable at Kolkata, India.

Technical Specification of Banners

(1) Each banner will be within 25kb
(2) Each banner will be of the size 407 length X 69 width pixels.


For more details on AD-SPACE and Classifieds Ads please contact with

Ontrack Systems Limited
Plot Y-18, EP-Block, Sector-V, Salt Lake,
Kolkata - 700 091,
Phones: (91-33) 91-33-2357 2555/56
Fax: (91-33) 2357 2564
E-mail: marketing@tendertimes.com

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