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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tender ?
"Tender" means an invitation to offer for an item/items or work. All Public Sector purchases/Contracts in India, over a certain value has to be publicly notified through Tender Notices which are advertised through All India Newspapers, Trade Journals, Departmental Publications and Notice Boards, and now on Internet. An estimated Rs.300 billions (US$ 6.6 billions) worth of equipment and services are procured annually through All India Tenders.

Types Of Tenders
Broadly, there are four types of Tenders: Limited Tendering, Open Tendering, Single Tendering and Verbal Tendering

  • Limited Tendering :
    This involves issuing Tender to few selected tenderers only.

  • Open Tendering :
    This means that the Tender is open to any supplier who can quote for the materials as per requirements. This is usually done by publishing the Tender Notice in Newspapers/Trade journals/Internet and other bulletins.

  • Single Tendering :
    Single Tendering means sending the Tender to one particular party. Normally, it is either for an item where there is only one supplier or for an item where the purchaser has developed confidence in one supplier only and would just like to verify the current price, delivery etc. Single Tenders are also sent for items of proprietary nature.

  • Verbal Tendering :
    Where there is hardly any time to wait for the supplier to quote Verbal Tendering becomes necessary. This could either be done by telephoning the supplier or across the table.

A Tender Notice gives the following details :

  • Type of Item/Work enquired for.

  • Name and Address of the Tender Authority

  • The Tender Enquiry reference Number/Date

  • The cost and the last date for collection of Bid Document

  • Earnest Money Deposit This deposit is refunded to unsuccessful Tenderers

  • Due Date/Time The last Date/Time for submission of Tender papers

  • Opening Date The date, time and venue of opening of the sealed Tenders in presence of representatives of Tenderers

  • Pre-qualification of Tenderers The criteria/qualifications that will be considered before issuing Tender Documents to a Tenderer.

  • Estimated cost of Item/Work Mentioned in selected Tenders

  • Any other Instructions/Information

Collection of Bid Documents/Tender Papers :
Interested parties, to collect / Purchase the Tender / Bid Documents on payment / free of cost, as the case may be. Every Tender quotation has to be accompanied by the Tender Documents.

Submission of Offers :
The Quotation has to be submitted along with all other Documents as stipulated by the Tender Authority in the Tender Notice.

Attending Tender opening :
Representative of the Tenderers are allowed to attend Tender opening. The activity during Tender opening is to list down the names and addresses of the Tenderers, note down all the rates/freight charges/taxes etc. and details of whether - EMD paid, Tender Document purchased, any Tender quotation is rejected, if so for what reasons. The comparative statement of all the rates offered and other terms like freight forwarding, quality assurance, Taxes, identifying the Lowest (L1, L2, L3) Offers etc. When the Order will be issued and to which parties/Party.

Periodic updates and Post-Tender status :
The concerned parties regularly follow up and ensure that the Purchase/Work Order is issued.

Negotiation :
If for some reason, the party is not able to comply with the terms of the Order, an amendment to the Order needs to be issued. The order may not necessarily be placed on L1 since, various other criteria like past performance of the party, urgency of the requirement etc. are also considered before decision is taken. In some cases orders are divided between two or three parties. At times L2 is asked to work/supply at L1 rates. In these situations, negotiation plays an important role especially in cases where multiple technology, high value Items/Work are involved.

About tendertimes.com
tendertimes.com is India's First Tender Web Daily, focused on Business through All India Tenders. The Web-Daily offers a structured approach to reach Tenders of user's choice. Unique features like Tenders Opening Today, Last Day For Collection of Bid-Documents, Online Bid-Documents, Post-Tender Reports, Global Tenders, Tender Statistics, Classified Ads, Key Word Search, Advanced Search, Daily News page and a host of new features and services being added regularly- makes tendertimes.com the most comprehensive, interactive portal catering to every service and activity of Business.

tendertimes.com can be accessed by all for free. However there are special services like Daily Customised E-Zine containing the Day's Tenders of the users' Business interest, and new sections with highly user-friendly features being added, which are exclusive to Registered users only. To become a Registered user, go to our Registration Page and just enter the details and submit. Within 15 minutes tendertimes.com will confirm your Registration by return mail. The User ID and Password are sensitive and unique to the user. In case you have misplaced, want to change or, forgotten the details please write to webmaster@tendertimes.com for assistance.

Our Data-Base
has a comprehensive database of 1685730 Tenders with over 200 new Tenders posted Daily covering 21 Sectors, 6 broad categories of Items/work, divided into 125 sub-categories, 5 Geographical zones in addition to All India and, a separate listing of All India Global Tenders in English translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Locating a Tender
You can locate your Tenders by using either Pinpoint Search or Key Word Search.

Pinpoint Search :
This efficient Search Engine, designed exclusively for users of
tendertimes.com, filters to Tenders of your interest. Just click on the word Pinpoint in the Top left side of the Front page-Choose the time period, Location of Tender Authority, Venue of Tender Opening, Type of Item/work, type of Tender, Last date for Bid collection/submission and the order in which you would like the search result to be arranged and then, SUBMIT by clicking the appropriate button provided at the bottom of the Pinpoint page.

Key Word Search :
For Items/Work not covered in the listed categories, Key Word Search will give the desired result. The function is very simple. Just enter the Key Words in the space provided in the Top Left of the Front Page and, click the Go button. The Key Word/Words you choose could be an Item/Work, Name of Location, Name of Tender Authority, etc. The powerful Search engine will pick up those Tenders which contain the Key Words in the Text Matter of the Tender Notice.

Disclaimer :
does not reproduce the Tender Notice in detail but, carries all the important features of the Tender in a standardised format. Users agree that tendertimes.com will not be liable for special, consequential or incidental damages. tendertimes.com reserves the right to choose the Tenders that are to be posted on its site.
(More details in Disclaimer page)

Tender Statistics :
tendertimes.com carries an average of over 200 Tender Notices Daily. The Notices cover All India Domestic and Global Tenders. The Tender Statistics is generated Daily, Month to Date, Year to Date, Monthly, Quarterly and Half-Yearly. These statistical Data gives an insight into the All India Procurement patterns by Zone, Type of Item/work and Tender Authority Sector. For using the Statistical Data with Analysis, Please write to