Tuesday March 12, 2013

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Tender Details




Tender Notice   No.- EL/HWH/25/21(Notice)/ 151

Divisional Railway Manager, Eastern Railway, Howrah invites Open Tenders for the under-mentioned electrical work/s: -

Sl No

Tender No.

Name of work

Value (Rs.)

Earnest Money (Rs.)

Cost of
Tender Document (Rs.)

Completion period

1. EL/HWH/25/21/2685

Installation of Pump – motor set including power Supply arrangement at delivery pump room of 1.4 MGD water treatment plant at Liluah and Liluah shorting yard coaching complex for lifting water from under ground tank to overhead tank in connection with the work for ‘Liluah – Augmentation of 1.4 MGD water treatment plant.’ 

72, 32, 468/-



6 months
2. EL/HWH/25/21/2675(R)

Augmentation of Pre-Cooling arrangement at Liluah Shorting yard Coaching Complex and Tikiapara Coaching Complex.




45 days

Date for Selling (or Downloading) of Tender  Document

04/ 04/13 to   19/04/13

Tender opening date

22/ 04/ 13

The intending purchaser of the tender paper will have to produce the following documents beforehand :


Paper cutting / Internet (down loaded) copy of the advertisement.

2) Eligibility Criteria (as given below) :-
(A)  For Works amounting (Tender Value) above Rs. 50 lakhs  :-

Tenderer should have completed in the last three financial years (i.e., current year and three previous financial years)

At least one similar single work for a minimum value of 35% of advertised Tender value of work.


Total contract amount received during the last three financial years i.e. current year and three previous financial years.

Should be a minimum of 150% of Advertised Tender value. Tender Committee would satisfy themselves about the authenticity of the certificate produced by the tenderer(s) to this effect which may be an attested payments certificates issued by Govt. Deptt./Public Sector Units, audited balance sheet duly certified by the chartered Accountant etc.


Tender documents with details of instructions / conditions may be obtained from the office of the Sr.Divl. Elect. Engr.(Genl)/E.Rly./Howrah on any working day upto 16.00 hrs. in between the selling dates as mentioned above on production of Cash Receipt in Original issued by Chief Cashier, E.Rly., Kolkata against payment of the cost  of  the tender documents (not refundable) as mentioned above. The tender document is not transferable.


Tender documents can also be downloaded (free of cost) from the Website www.tendertimes.com and the same can be used for submitting the offer. However, the Demand Draft (drawn in f/o FA&CAO/E.Rly./Kolkata) towards the cost of tender document (as mentioned above) must be enclosed along with the tender document while submitting offer. Otherwise the tender will be summarily rejected.

Tender document will be received upto 14.00 hrs. (to be dropped in the tender box located at Sr. Divl. Elect. Engr. (Genl.)/HWH’s office) on the tender opening date mentioned above and will be opened at 14.30 hrs. on the same date.


If the tender can not be received/opened on the stipulated date & time due to unaccounted holiday or any other abnormal situation, the tender documents will be received / opened on the next working day at the same time.



for Sr. Divl. Elect. Engr. (Genl.)


Eastern Railway, Howrah


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